Experience shapes innovation.

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The passion for building runs in our family.
And has done so for generations.
We plan, build, develop and sell with the highest quality standards and in a highly reflective manner. Always with an eye to the future.


We plan constructively and build innovatively

As a general contractor as well as a sole contractor. That is our strength. Every project is a prototype. The team is well-rehearsed and proven. In-house staff and professionals. People who get on well with each other. Who rely on each other. With competence and care.

We build. We revitalise. Single-family homes, residential and office buildings, industrial and commercial buildings in classic solid construction, as well as timber, hybrid or modern modular and room cell construction. Every project is a personal mission for us. No matter how big. We deliver on time and in accordance with the contract. On the basis of precisely agreed-upon quality standards. HANDLER satisfies its clients.
Those who do what they can remain what they are. Continuing development is our driving force. With growing experience in general contractor construction came the decision for the next step in the value chain: HANDLER is also a sole contractor. We take on all responsibilities of building object planning and construction.

Further development also means growth. HANDLER Engineering supports sales and implementation planning. We research and develop. With innovative methods such as Building Information Modelling and Lean Management, we realise projects with maximum efficiency and excellent quality.

Detailed Services 

  • Planning
  • General contractor
  • Sole contractor
  • Master builder
  • Master timber builder
  • Roofers/Tinsmiths

Construction Office

T: +43 (2646) 2278
F: +43 (2646) 2278 299

"Every building project starts with a good thought. From an intelligent mind. And we have many of those at HANDLER."


We realise from one source and with all our heart.

HANDLER also acts as a property developer with a wide range of services. With a team that thinks and manages projects holistically. We take care of the land acquisition, the first design drawings, the various planning steps and the marketing of the property. From the classic residential property to large-scale projects. The developer's complete package for the end customer is our priority.
HANDLER's close ties to the region enable it to offer planning services for regional projects in addition to its activities as a property developer. This package offers the full range of services to the developer, from the initial discussion, the site survey, the first design drawings to a finished three-dimensional concept and the official processing. In addition to the main focus on single-family houses, the regional planning services also include agricultural buildings and company buildings.

For us, the interests of future users are always in the focus. Living and working in the best quality and at fair prices is our main goal.
active real estate

Detailed services

  • Acquisition of land and projects
  • Financing
  • Law and insurance
  • Project development and project management
  • Planning in 3D and BIM incl. handling of official procedures
  • Sales
  • Aftercare of own properties

Real estate office

T: +43 (2646) 2278
F: +43 (2646) 2278 299